SMOL expereience

I was searching for a social media workshop to attend since am the administrator of the Facebook page and Twitter of an institute, when I knew that Naharshabab has this kind of workshops.
At the beginning I thought that social media is limited to Facebook and Twitter but throughout the workshop I’ve found that it is wider and richer, social media also includes blogs and videos storytelling which was my preferable part.
“Blogs and video making of” were purely new knowledge to me, learning their how to from A to Z, from shooting to Editing is really a powerful skill now I have, if by coincidence am passing by any event I can take its video ready to be published, since the way we learned how was not just theory it was also practical, I participated in the making of  a video at the workshop, it was about SMOL itself, I was so excited taking the video myself, know which frame to choose and how to capture the person interviewed, as a group we chose to interview Mr. Ayyad Wakim, with the help of my colleague we prepared the questions to ask and took the correspondent frames, as for the Montage it was the hardest part, knowing how to use the software and combining the different parts of the video, this would not have been accomplished without the help of Tinia Nassif, one of the trainers of SMOL.
I work as IT team leader and am far away from media, but I think that social media is the future, learning its tools and its power points can make any citizen a journalist, whether to cover an event or to release a campaign.

Nagham Ghandour

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