SMOL an approach to Social Media

In life everyday we get to learn something new, since childhood our parents grow up how to walk , how to behave and how to talk .. But now its time to generate and know more things like technology. Yes its technology and via internet that’s penetrating our homes and lives without a permission, technology is moving fast and we should follow it rapidly to be more cultural . Here is my experience in SMOL a social media out loud that submitted to me a fruitful , well, knowledgeable information all over internet and its uses. First, above all it was a workshop that let us to know different youth from different backgrounds ,and how to work as a teem ! Our first meeting was soft and fruitful of information about facebook, twitter, how to secure our passwords… Also we started working about our project which is how to make a campaign about a certain issue . Our issue me and my friends was about “CIVIL MARRIAGE”, nowadays , civil marriage is increasing especially with Lebanese people , but the problem was that they travel to Cyprus to get married , and we were supposed to discus this with its consequences. Second, we get to know about “delicious “ and how to write a blog and use photos.. and we were supposed also to make a twitter account to move our campaign and encourage people to help us in making a new law in Lebanon that protects the rights of” civil marriage “. Nevertheless, two meetings were left to know more issues and information about technology and its world .New information were submitted to us that some we have known others not .In brief, it was really a nice experience that I learned too much which I can use in my future and also in my domain , because media in general and especially internet is a world that is facilitating our work and life in a easy and knowledgeable norm . I liked every issue was in this workshop and I liked the team work which we everyone of us can give his own creation and way in sending the slang .

Jana Ghaddar

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