Every journey starts somewhere

Mine started at An Nahar -specifically Naharashshabab Training Center- in a workshop that tackled “The Strategic Use of Social Media”. Hesitant at first; I had no clue of what this was all about, but eventually relieved after completing the sessions.

As a matter of fact, I am majoring Communication Arts with emphasis on Radio/Television and Journalism as a second major. So when I first heard that there was a workshop concentrating in Social Media and at An Nahar I thought “why not?!” since it interferes with both my majors! So I signed up and got accepted! Here was the first day! We had to meet-up at An Nahar Training Center at 10 am sharp, and that’s what i did! I was a bit nervous since I knew none of the people there. As soon as I arrived, I sensed the welcoming atmosphere that our hosts Tinia and Mario had. They gave us a sheet that had several questions that we should NOT answer… Those questions were to be answered by my fellow trainees, it was like a quick “get-to-know” each other! It was creative and it triggered the sense of socialization between people you meet for the first time. The session started at first with basic information about social media platforms to then concentrate on Twitter and the use of Twitter. Then they elaborated and went from a topic to another in a smooth style that I -a person that was null at “social media”- understood! What’s Twitter, how it functions, privacy, https, rss, anonymity, blogging,Youtube, Facebook, and a load of other terms as long as the history of the internet and how it used to function and the difference between the use of internet in the past and nowadays… Honestly it was a hell of a workshop eventhough it was a bit compact. My fellow trainees and I were introduced to the technical part of the internet and how to use the internet from a more proffessional point of view.

With my team we worked on “Badna beit” youtube, real estates in Lebanon, included apartments, are reaching  prices that renders them unavailable to new couples and young people. So we wanted to raise this issue.

It was an honor to me to take part of this workshop that Nahar Ashshabab came up with in collaboration with Irex and MEPI. And I am so looking forward to sign-up for other workshops that tackle the same subject or other ones… I would like to thank Mr. Ayad Wakim, Miss Tinia Nassif, and Mr. Mario Ghoraieb for the opportunity that they gave us and for the time they spent with us at An Nahar…

Serge Abi Ghanem


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