Movie Nash Cine Club- Antonine University- Hair

Movie Nash Cine Club

This week’s movie was “Hair ” a rock musical set in the 60’s directed by Milos Forman in 1979. Based on the Broadway musical, it tells the story of a young man named Claude who decides to leave Oklahoma and to enroll in the army to go to war to Vietnam. When he gets to New York city, he meets a group of bohemian hippies led by Berger. They try to convince him not to go and show him how sweet life can be as he falls in love with a young rich girl named Sheila.

Our guest this week was Joelle Choueiry Youssef, a young dancer/teacher. She explained how, through the movie, dance became not only an art but also a language, one that anyone could understand no matter where they came from. She underlined the difference between how the hippies dance (as it is so free and doesn’t seem to follow any rules) and how the rich people dance (so linear and uptight). One could also compare the hippies to the army : one fighting for love and peace in such a beautiful liberal manner and the other preparing to fight for unknown reasons in strict and painful ways where authority and discipline rule.

Most of the songs in the movie became anthems against the Vietnam war that was not very much liked by the americans. The men (or boys) were sent to war without the people’s consent and therefore was lost on the TV screens way before it was lost on the fields. This movie shows how, through music and dance, the American people grew stronger and were united for one single cause and that without them nothing can be done.


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